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Reyah Consulting

Providing Exceptional and Trusted Support since 2013

We provide design, planning, procurement, project management expertise on the front end and programming, maintenance and many other support services for our clients Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Video Management Systems.

Our Passion has been in the K-12 and Higher Education sectors, where we excel in assisting our clients in the effective management of their Integrated Security System resources.

Why Choose Reyah?


Reyah Consulting, LLC is very competitive and affordable when compared to other firms offering similar services. We pride ourselves in this area and strive to deliver service at a level where others pale in comparison all at a price that can't be competed with.


You can rely on Reyah Consulting, LLC for its comprehensive,
vendor-independent, security system integration technology design and
consulting to deliver solutions through the best use of available
technologies and related services.

Top Service

Our primary objective is to help clients provide maximum protection for their assets while obtaining the most value and benefit from their security resources. It is critical for you and your project that the advice and recommendations of your security consultant are based solely on your needs.


Reyah Consulting LLC is a different kind of electronic security consulting firm. We spent a lot of time in the trenches learning from our successes and mistakes. Real-world experience across a variety of industries allows us to provide you with practical, proven solutions.



Since 2013








Oregon Trail School District

Sandy, Oregon

Evergreen Public Schools

Vancouver, WA

Daimler Truck North America

Portland, Oregon

Estacada School District

Estacada. Oregon

GBD Architects

Portland, Oregon

Mahlum Architects

Portland, Oregon

LSW Architects

Vancouver, WA

Newberg Public Schools

Newberg, Oregon


James D. Horsley

Daimler Corporate Security

"I have worked with Jeff Githens on many projects over our 15 year relationship, Jeff’s knowledge, professionalism, and general acumen within his field, has been above and beyond any other consultant and/or integrator I have ever worked with.

Jeff’s personal and professional standards and beliefs have made him a partner with exceptional integrity and has garnered him great trust and respect with me.

I highly recommend Jeff and Reyah consulting to any individual or business in need of the highest standard of professional assistance."

Bill Cannon

Cannon Communications, Inc.

"Jeff Githens has worked on many jobs for us ranging from sound systems design to install high-tech satellite systems in Africa. Regardless of the task at hand, whether designing, programming, he did a terrific job.

He is honest and says what he thinks. If a challenge comes up, he quickly figures out what needs to be done and clearly expresses it to the client. I like him, he's a smart man."

Patrick W. Chapple

Voice of America Washington

"I first worked with Jeff Githens in Botswana. We were putting up the first satellite dish for Voice of America. When we contracted with Jeff, I expected to meet a satellite installer, but what I found was a professional engineer and a genius in communications, electronics and problem-solving. There are nine different types of engineers needed to put up one of our complex, state-of-the-art satellite dishes. In Jeff, you get someone very rare, he can do it all.

In Africa, we had to relocate a 20-foot dish and move it 30 kilometers. I knew from our first job together that he could get us up and running in a fraction of the normal time. I was right.
What other contractors took two weeks to complete, Jeff did in 3 days! It seems that when it comes to communications, Jeff has an immediate understanding, and what ever he puts his hand to works.

Jeff has a keen sense of creativity and a unique ability to problem-solve any situation I've seen in communications. His logical mind seems to know what to do with every change. He is second to none. Of the 30 highly trained experts I have worked with in the communications field, he is second to none.

My only regret in working with Jeff Githens is that he isn't on my payroll."

Who is Reyah?

Jeff Githens

Founder, Managing Member, Consultant
Candid and Honest

We will always be candid and give our honest opinion. Our clients pay us good money for the benefit of our skills and many years of experience. When our clients ask for our opinion, we will be frank and honest, and won't try to sugarcoat the truth.

Our Promise to You

We believe today more than ever virtues like trust, honor and integrity, are not easily found and yet at the same time these virtues have never been more needed. We take great pride in doing things right and delivering a service or product that we can be proud of. 
By partnering with Reyah Consulting, LLC, you can be assured of a partnership where Reyah Consulting, LLC will go above and beyond the call of duty to bring you a product or service that you can trust.

What is in the name "Reyah"

"Reyah" is a Hebrew word which means "a very close companion or friend".

"...and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

- Proverbs 18:24