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Services we Provide

We provide design, planning, procurement, project management expertise on the front end and programming, maintenance and many other support services for our clients Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Video Management Systems.

In addition, we help our clients to develop Standard Operating Procedures for their Access Control Program, Technical Manual for their Maintenance staff as well as programming standards for their Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Video Management Systems.

Standard Operating Procedures
Access Control Program

Purpose and Goals: The purpose of the Access Control Program (ACP) is to secure the property and assets from theft or damage and to maximize the safety of staff and students, and members of the community, while providing equitable access to property for those legitimately requiring it.

Standards: Standards and procedures shall be established to guide the installation and maintenance of mechanical and other locking systems as well as access control systems in all buildings. These shall address fixtures, structural, electrical and other requirements and stipulate that all installations on the property comply with all applicable policies, municipal, provincial and federal laws, standards and codes. The Director of Safety and Security in coordination with the Facilities Department shall be responsible for establishing such standards and procedures that support the purpose and goals of the Access Control Program. All new construction and renovations to existing space will conform to these standards, which shall be applicable until modified or rescinded.